Global Village Perspective

Water, clean air, energy resources, global warming and pollution issues transcend the boundaries of nations and continents.

In the course of its history, Phoenix Community Works Foundation has undertaken a wide variety of projects to achieve the objectives for which it was established. It has adapted itself to changing times and circumstances. Many of the current projects and programs are centered in the Greater Toronto Region; some are in Ontario; yet others are national in scope.

Globalization has implications for local communities and PCWF, while continuing to focus on local communities, recognizes how water, clean air, energy resources, global warming and pollution transcend the boundaries of nations and continents. The Foundation has begun to support international projects this year. Educational, environmental, and cultural projects will be undertaken to create greater awareness of the developing global village and the resulting the changes and new demands.

The following projects carried out by PCWF in recent years reflect its interest and concern for the global village:

  1. A peace education project introduces young people to international law.

  2. A research project focuses on internationally trained professionals and skilled tradespeople.

  3. A project supports a Montreal-based charity "Alternatives". Their aim is to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Marco, a community in northeastern Brazil. A small scale industry growing and processing the local caju fruit (cashews) is to create long term employment and social improvements, especially for women.

  4. Student Techers in the Global Classroom has student from Senca College travelling to Jamaica twice a year to provide support to teachers, students and a variety of comuunity projects.

  5. The Acacia Children's Project, started in 2006 is providing support to children who have been orphaned due to the death of parents from HIV/AIDS. PCWF is working with two local groups to assist with supporting the physical, emotional and educational well being of children living in the Municipality of Embu in Nairobi
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