Toronto Teen Track / 3T Program

This project has been designed to help develop confidence and leadership skills in the youth of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) through a series of athletic, social and educational activities.

Project Goals

  1. To increase opportunities for youth to participate in a learning-centered environment.
  2. To increase access to a wide range of recreational, educational, social and cultural forms.
  3. To improve intellectual activity and emotional and physical well-being.

An overall physical fitness regime will be offered together with a healthy lifestyles educational component. The innovative program THE CONNECTING KIDS provides free internet and email access to members of the 3T Program. Users of this service include youth, adults, low-income families or individuals and students. A mentoring program with a supportive approach to learning and communication is offered.

For more information

please contact PCWF or
Rob Rogers at 416-267-1238 or visit