Engaging citizens in environmental decision-making and public policy issues at City Hall.
This project is co-sponsored with the Toronto Environmental Alliance. Council Watch revises traditional public education programs to incorporate contemporary marketing and messaging techniques.

In TEA’s experience, the public is often quite knowledgeable on environmental issues and capable of expressing their concerns. However, local studies reveal that many are unable to access City Hall to engage
in public policy discussions. Others may be unable to order an environmentally friendly product or service.

Many citizens are also unclear about municipal jurisdiction in protecting the environment. For example, many wrongly assume that local water quality is the sole responsiblity of the provincial government.

  1. To employ convenient and effective tools to engage citizens in environmental decision-making and public policy issues at City Hall.
  2. To produce public education/communication materials that define the power municipal governments possess to protect the environment and public health.
  3. To create opportunities for the public to increase their level of participation and effectiveness in environmental change.
  4. To share TEA’s expertise in creating environmental change.
  5. To implement the recommendations in the City of Toronto’s Environmental Plan.

This project is made possible through a grant received from the Richard Ivey Foundation of Toronto. This Foundation was associated with creating the TO Council Watch News Online.
For more information:
Please contact PCWF
or contact www.torontoenvironment.org