This project involves the writing, editing and publishing of a book, And Sew it Begins, written by a woman who found her way out of years of abusive relationships and alcohol and drug addiction. Phoenix Community Works Foundation, has undertaken this project as one of many of its artistic endevours focused on bringing creativity to the heart of resolving social issues. This is in line with our mandate to build healthy and sustainable communities.
Shadows of the Mind is a true story of a young mother and her spiritual emergence from a long period of substance abuse and her marriage into a family of unsuccessful fraud artists and bank robbers. The story takes place in the 60′s and 70′s and follows the author’s struggle to raise three children in an unstable world of drugs, alcohol, prison, homelessness and mental illness.
The author, Debbie Roxborough, (referred to in the book as Droxy) was inspired to write her story in order to help, encourage and bring hope to other women who find themselves in similar situations. While trying to raise awareness about the generational effects of sexual abuse and addiction, the author intends to show readers where hope for healing truly lies and how she found her way out of the darkness.
Once published, free copies of the book will be distributed to Toronto’s Red Door (a shelter for women and children escaping abuse) as well as other organizations doing similar work. A portion of sales will also be donated.

To find out more about the project, please contact Debbie Roxborough/Project Coordinator at (416) 519-8207 or write,

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