Not Just Tourists-Edmonton, is a volunteer-based project that collects surplus medicines and medical supplies for use in Cuba and other developing countries. Canadians traveling on vacation or business deliver these much needed supplies to doctors and clinics in the areas where they are visiting.

Our project is patterned after Not Just Tourists in the Niagara region of Ontario. This is a highly successful program that has been in existence for a decade.Similar groups are in existence in Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston Vancouver and Winnipeg. The program in Edmonton is incorporated under the Alberta Societies Act.

Donated medicines are packed in suitcases, that have been donated, and are given to the traveler along with a letter from a Canadian doctor addressed to the doctor or clinic for whom the humanitarian aid is destined.
This program complies with the laws of the recipient country as well as those of Canada.

Participating Canadians have received overwhelming thanks from the recipients of the supplies and have reported their trips as being eye opening and most rewarding experiences.

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Not Just Tourists-Edmonton