A thirty unit housing project for retirees with a community centre for the residents and the community of LaFontaine.

PCWF is supporting the research and initial stages of this innovative housing project in order to promote other similar initiatives in Ontario and elsewhere.

The project has been undertaken by the Club de l’age d’or de Lafontaine. The organization was created to serve the French-speaking population of the area by providing housing for the elderly and employment for younger residents of the area.

Le Villageois de Lafontaine, a non-profit organization founded under the sponsorship of the Club de l’√Ęge d’or de Lafontaine, obtained its letters patent in the summer of 2001. The objective of this organization is to develop a three-part housing project for retirees consisting of:

  • 30 units intended for retirees;
  • 10-20 units for semi-autonomous persons; and
  • a community centre integrated with the residential components,
    which provides the residents and the public with various services.

The organization hopes to serve on a priority basis the French-speaking population in the Township of Tilly, in Simcoe County, in north-central Ontario. The aim is to put a stop to the exodus of young people and retirees. Its plans call for accommodation for the elderly and employment for younger residents. Le Villageois will contribute to the development of the village through the creation of a community centre which will become a true regional cultural and social attraction.

Le Villageois wishes to be innovative in the area of affordable housing by offering a life lease. This is a model whereby each resident can purchase the right to occupy his or her unit for life. This right can be resold and turned over to the estate. Financial institutions apply to life leases those rules that normally cover co-ownership (condominium) financing. Since a non-profit organization remains the owner of the building, residents can expect lower purchase and operating costs. They can also receive support to maintain their units and services they could need.

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