Not Just Tourists – Not Just Tourists-Ottawa is a volunteer-based, not-for-profit Phoenix Community Works Foundation project situated in Ottawa. NJT collects surplus medicines and medical supplies for use in countries with people in need. Canadians traveling on business or vacation deliver these much-needed supplies to doctors and clinics in their travel destinations. We are patterned after Not Just Tourists in St. Catharines and Toronto.

Generic contents are sent to remote areas where we do not have a medical practitioner contact.These suitcases include antibiotics, anti-inflamatories, gastric meds, analgesics no narcotics), asthma inhalers, examination gloves, syringes, bandaging, sutures etc. Specific contents are sent to medical people who have received suitcases from us in the past and have sent us “wish lists” in order that any future suitcases can be personalized to their specific needs. Hospital supplies including more specialized items such as surgical instruments and specialized medicines are sent to hospitals.

Volunteers, under the supervision of a medical professional, sort and check the expiry dates of donated medicines and supplies. We do not use expired medicines or prescriptions that have been returned to a pharmacy or physician’s office unless they are in a sealed container or blister-packed. The medicines are then placed on shelves and ready for packing in suitcases under the supervision of a medical professional. A local pharmacy accepts medicine that we do not use and incorporates it in their items for destruction.

Copies of a letter signed by a Canadian doctor are included in each suitcase advising customs officials that the traveler is transporting the medicine to a medical practitioner in the country of destination (This practice conforms to both Canadian and customs regulations of most countries to which Not Just Tourists delivers aid).The traveler is asked to bring back one copy that has been signed by a doctor or medical institution confirming that they have received this humanitarian aid.

Travelers also sign an agreement form that includes: not adding or removing anything from the suitcase delivering the suitcase to a contact physician bringing back the signed letter as proof of delivery paying for any weight overage charges by the airline they travel with Full suitcases normally weigh 10 kilograms. Travelers are cautioned that the suitcase of medicines will form part of their personal baggage weight allowance. Although some airlines are lenient, the travelers may have to assume excess baggage costs if baggage weight limits are exceeded. Not Just Tourists provides a unique and rewarding opportunity to meet with people abroad – outside of the tourist industry

For more information on how you can participate in this program contact the NJT- Not Just Tourists- Ottawa Phone (toll-free):1-866-426-3695 or email < a href=””>Not Just Tourists Ottawa