Hip Hop Away From Violence


Hip Hop Away From Violence is a youth led, artist driven high school
outreach program showing youth that using positive forms of artistic
self-expression will help them to make positive life choices, making our
communities stronger and safer.  Through our inspirational performance
assemblies and artistic development workshops we aim to reduce violence,
eliminate prejudice and boost the self-esteem of youth across Canada.  Our
goal is to empower youth by giving them a voice in front of their peers to
inspire positive change in their community.

Hip Hop Away From Violence targets youths aged 14-25 (14-18 for program
audience, 14-25 for volunteers) who can carry forward the message of youth
involvement and community development to their peers and neighbourhoods.



To show youth new forms of positive
Build youth self-esteem and leadership skills
Foster community change by encouraging youth inspired by
the project to spread the message to their peers to participate in positive and
creative artistic ventures, as well as increasing their involvement in their
Maintain a youth to youth dialogue, and youth led
volunteer corps

Hip Hop Away From Violence works with youth to:

- Youth volunteerism
- Community involvement
- Confidence
- Leadership skills
- Artistic ability
- Support networks

- Youth violence
- Racism
- Drug use
- Bullying

& other negative forms of self-expression among youth

HOW THE PROGRAM WORKS (*see visual timeline)
Program Results (8 schools surveyed in 2008)

83% thought the assembly was informative out of 332 surveyed
73% were inspired to pursue creative forms of self-expression

93% would recommend this program to other schools
93% thought the assembly was stimulating & entertaining

YOUTH DEMAND UNITY (5 schools surveyed in 2008)
80% of students surveyed said that after seeing the assembly they would
take workshops taught by UNITY performers out of 240 surveyed

*for more information check our website at www.unitycharity.com

You can make a difference (donations)
$100 = EMPOWER Youth
Start a youth planning committee
IMPACTS: 20 youth*

$500 = ENGAGE Youth
One full day of workshops
IMPACT: 180 youth*

$1,000 = INSPIRE Youth
One full school assembly
IMPACT: 1,000 youth*

$2,000 = TRANSFORM Youth
One full school program (assembly, workshops, committee, etc.)
IMPACT: 1,500 youth*

$5,000 +  = Corporate Sponsorships
Setup a personal meeting with Mike to further this and other high impact

*  on average

For more information about our program Hip Hop Away from Violence, please contact:

Michael Possner
Email: unitycharity@gmail.com
Phone #: (416) 938-9693
Office: York University Student Centre Room 441 (mailbox 10)
Website: www.unitycharity.com
High School website: www.hiphopawayfromviolence.com